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There are many reasons why our clients sell their homes but they all have one thing in common: getting as much money from their existing home as quickly and stress-free as possible.  Call us today for your complimentary home evaluation!



There are many questions to consider when you're selling your home. Why do you want to sell your property?  Do you need a larger home? Smaller home? Different neighbourhood?  Make sure to ask yourself these questions so that you can pass the answers to your realtor so that they will have insight into your specific situation.


When should you sell?  Is there an urgent reason to move? Do you want to plan for a future move?  Either way, our team is here to help you.  We will review current market conditions and help you decide on a game plan based on your needs.  You will feel confident in deciding the most favourable time to sell.


How do I sell my home?  The first step in selling is to call a realtor. Our dedicated team of sales preofessionals are ready to sit down with you and outline the process of selling your home.  We will go through it step by step with you, making sure to tailor our marketing system specifically to your needs.  We will make you aware of the current market conditions as well as recently sold properties and your current competition.



It's a question that we get asked frequently.  If you find a buyer for your home before you've found a new one, where will you live? And if you find a place, what if the closing dates don't work out?  On the other hand, if you find your new home before you've sold the existing one you may be carrying two mortgages for a time.


The solution:  Ask your realtor.  They will help you get a feeling for how long homes are taking to sell in your neighbourhood as well as any other neighbourhoods you may be looking at moving to.  Your realtor specializes in keeping track of all pertinent market statistics so that they can give you the information you need to make an informed and confident decision as well the ability to price your home correctly for the current market.


There also conditions that can be included in the agreements.  Conditions on selling your home or buying a home can be put into the contract if necessary.  


Curb Appeal - Keep the landscape neat and well maintained.  Cut your lawn, remove any debris and hide garbage cans/recycling boxes. Plant flowers and hang up flower baskets if the season allows.  


Repairs - Make sure to do those minor repairs and updates as needed.  A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in freshening up your home.


Cleaning - Your home must be uncluttered and clean.  It must look good and smell good to your prospective buyer.  Fresh flowers are a nice touch.  Make sure pet dishes and litter boxes have been put away.  There are an array of products to make your home smell wonderful (candleless scented wax warmers for example).


Staging - The Michele Denniston Team offers a complimentary home staging with our decorator.  We will help you declutter and get your home photo ready!

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